About Delft Imaging Systems

We envision a world in which everyone can benefit from the modern world advances in the field of healthcare. Delft is specifically dedicated to improving people’s quality of life around the world by means of its diagnostic imaging devices, e-health software, and related services.

Our Beliefs

Delft Imaging Systems believes that every man, woman, and child should benefit from advances in healthcare – regardless of where they live. It is this belief that drives our commitment to develop and deliver unique health innovations that respond to the specific and tangible needs of vulnerable communities around the world.

Affordable & innovative solutions for healthcare systems

We focus on providing affordable, innovative diagnostic imaging techniques and solutions that are key to strengthening healthcare systems on a worldwide scale. These imaging systems provide a vital solution to the problem of healthcare in vulnerable and developing communities – diagnosis.

Meet the Team of Delft Imaging Systems

Our knowledge, still growing every year, forms the ideal basis for highly innovative but applicable solutions. Through our long intensive cooperation with medical specialists and users around the world, we have developed a great understanding of their practical needs. This has resulted in a market-oriented structure of the company and in products and services that truly expand the boundaries of the possible.


Delft works with a wide variety of public and private organizations in order to develop and implement life-saving technologies.

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Guido Geerts


Harro Nip

Business Unit Director

Taner Hamamioglu

CFO & QA Manager

Frank Vijn

Director of Projects/LS&H

Mohammed Harbiye

Business Unit Manager

Florent Geerts

Business Unit Manager

Mike Rosenmöller

Business Development Manager

Enya Seguin

Business Development Manager

Tom Koemans

Project Manager

Esmeralda Kamerling

Management Assistant

Samantha van Rossum-Gough

Finance administration assistant

Ellyne Lahaije

Communication & Marketing Manager

Armijn Geerts

Communication & Marketing

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