The need for quality diagnostics

Early and accurate diagnosis plays a crucial role in reducing the disease burden, improving treatment outcomes and optimizing health access. Since all clinical decisions and treatment initiations depend on accurate diagnosis, it is a critical success factor for reaching the next level of quality healthcare.

With the expanding middle class in emerging countries, income and health literacy are on the rise. These developments highlight the need to strengthen in-country diagnostic capacity to prevent the need to travel abroad and to achieve improved national health outcomes. It provides excellent opportunities for investors in healthcare.

High quality diagnostics is essential for reaching the next level of excellence in healthcare. Our diagnostic centres in Liberia and Ghana have become national expert hubs for their regions.

Turnkey Modular Centres

Delft Imaging designs, implements and supports modular diagnostic centres as a turnkey solution. We are your one-stop partner for diagnostic centres. The modular structure of the centre will be delivered to the selected location with the requested modalities. We also support you in all stages of the project management and after-sales services.
Delft Diagnostic Centres are extremely scalable since their modules can be seamlessly expanded and/or upgraded to meet evolving demands. The modular design is built for scalability across the continent since the speed of delivery and installation is optimised.
The centres are sustainable since they are equipped with high-end digital imaging modalities, supported by solar power, Artificial Intelligence and teleradiology for rapid and accurate diagnostic services.
Waste is significantly reduced in the installation and day-to-day operations due to the modular design, making it more environmentally friendly and cost effective.
Delft Diagnostic Centres facilitate access to quality diagnostic services and build a local capacity of specialists empowered through on-site training and teleradiology.

Value proposition

Same-day diagnosis

The unique feature of the Diagnostic Centres is that patients receive a complete examination and report from the on-site radiologist within 2-3 hours. This ‘same-day diagnosis’ is unprecedented in African countries and offers great value towards the clients.

The Diagnostic Centre is designed to be operating in a developing country. For example, the use of the MRI scanner. It uses a new system that keeps power consumption low, which enhances both the cost-effectiveness and – with back up generators – its reliability in areas with a limited power grid.

To improve diagnosis, the on-site radiologist can use our teleradiology solution to obtain expert advice elsewhere. The same technology can be used to offer expertise to other hospitals, which strengthens the position of the DC as an expert hub in the region, and even the whole country.

Delft Projects with Diagnostic Centres


The Liberian Diagnostic Centre opened in Monrovia in 2018, supporting the need for better diagnosis in the country. The DC is the most modern Diagnostic Centre in Africa. It has the latest digital diagnostic and laboratory equipment including CT, X-ray, mammography, ultrasound, ECG and MRI.

Ghana – Diagnostic Centre

To provide relief and support to hospitals and clinics in the area, a Diagnostic Centre (DC) that offers complete medical diagnostic services to patients was an all-round solution for the Ghanaian healthcare system. The goal of the DC is to offer excellent and rapid healthcare to patients, but at an affordable price at the same time.

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